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You may have heard by now that the planning appeal which was lodged with the Secretary of State regarding the use of the land behind the village hall for housing and the construction of a new access road to serve them coming out between the village hall and “Cheviots”, has now been allowed.

Of course this news is a grave disappointment to the Parish Council who have consistently opposed the details of the scheme, rather than the principle that the land should be developed considerately and sensitively.

The Parish Council saw this development as a once in a several lifetimes’ opportunity to not just provide some small homes in the centre of the village but to ensure that existing traffic problems are not made worse and that off-street parking is provided to ensure that the use of the village hall is enhanced and the trade of our village shop is not damaged in any way.

The development was considered no less than three times by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council planning committee and was refused unanimously. The Parish Council was in attendance to put the case for the village on each occasion. We cannot therefore lay the blame for this planning permission at the door of our East Riding councillor representatives. They in fact sided with us against the advice of their own officers.

It is clear that the Government Inspector was not impressed by the argument presented by the planning authority. It can be summarised that this is a busy narrow road and that the insertion of a new estate entry at this point would be hazardous and would require the imposition of stringent enforced parking restrictions which, without a very convenient car park right next to the hall, would threaten the viability of both the hall and the shop.

There is nothing that we can do to overturn this decision as it has been made at practically the highest level in the land. The design of the houses is a matter for future consideration so we cannot be certain at this moment what the development will actually look like or whether numbers will change.

The only things that we can be sure about is that there will be demands for more houses to be built on adjoining land served by this access and that there will be considerable disruption when the excavators and lorries start to arrive to build the road, lay the drains and erect the houses. We will of course do whatever we can to bring problems to the attention of the appropriate authorities.

The Parish Council regrets the situation very much but nevertheless would like to wish all our villagers the compliments of the season and a happy, healthy and prosperous 2017.

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