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The controversial drilling site at Crawberry Hill is to be abandoned, opening the way for a great opportunity for cheaper fuel, for the villages to the west of Beverley. 

Motorists living in villages such as Walkington and Bishop Burton have to travel at least four miles each way, to the nearest petrol station, and a new site west of Beverley would reduce their fuel costs considerably over a period of time.

The Crawberry Hill site would be perfect for such a venture for the following reasons.

  1. It is situated just 1 mile from the villages mentioned.
  2. The concrete base is already in place .
  3. The oil well, all ready drilled, could bring the crude oil to the surface, where a micro refinery ( similar to the olive oil refineries used on small Greek islands) could be sited and supply the petrol, diesel and gas direct to the pumps.
  4. There would be no transportation costs which would result in a reduction in the price at the pumps
  5. Some government tax concessions may apply , bringing the cost down even further.

There has all ready been some interest in the site from  the international fast food chain industry (again not locally available) as a research project to test a new packaging product with a bio- degradable life of less than 2 years. The Crawberry Hill site would be perfect for this project as it is situated near to a  site of outstanding natural beauty.

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  1. Thought it must be April. My second thought was be careful what you wish for!

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