I have received a comment from a Walkington resident who has made the following observations on this year’s hanging flower baskets.

One of the many delights I have enjoyed about our wonderful village is how picturesque it is. One of the things that has helped has been the fantastic floral displays: outside the pubs and also the hanging baskets around the lampposts as you journey along the main road.
This was true for many years when I visited family & friends here in Walkington, and now especially that I have the privilege of being resident.
Until this year… the pubs displays still look awesome! Thank you to all that keep these looking so wonderful.
But those hanging displays around the lampposts this year are dismal! Most of them have a single type of flower, and most of those are dead, or will soon be!
I have noted in the newsletter that the Parish Council have paid (what initially to me was already an exhorbitant amount, but now seems a complete waste of funds!) a staggering amount of money.
Can we please:
1) get the monies refunded as the company doing this work are plainly failing…
2) either return to previous year’s systems; and if not… get another company to replace them asap!

Posted on: 20, June, 2017 | Author: editor
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3 Responses to Comment From A Villager
  1. Thanks for your observations. Although I have heard similar comments from other residents, all I would say is that the Parish Council, judging by last year’s exceptional display, has set a very high standard for the summer hanging baskets and this year seems to have just slipped below that standard.

    If anyone else would like to comment please send an email to editor@walkington-life.co.uk

  2. Maybe the criticism of the hanging baskets through village was a little premature.
    I have heard lots of positive comments on how nice they look.
    I have to agree, after a slow start they do look lovely. Also the company looking after them comes round at 1am and 2am so they can’t be all that bad!

  3. Congratulations to Viv Swann for organising the baskets. They are superb, full of colour and a positive asset to the village.Please keep up the good work Viv.

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