This years Open Exhibition at the Ferens Art Gallery runs from 14th February to 26th April and provides an opportunity for amateur artists to display their work alongside those of professional artists. One such amateur artist, David Standen of Walkington, presented two of his paintings and one was selected for the final exhibition. 

Congratulations David on your fantastic achievement. It must make all the hard work, dedication and perseverance seem worthwhile. I bet you’re already thinking about next year.

 It’s such a simple idea – to mix artworks submitted by the public with those of established artists. It must give the local amateur a real buzz of excitement and thrill to have the opportunity to exhibit their work at an established exhibition, at a prestigious gallery; to have their work seen by thousands of visitors and offered the chance to sell their artworks and win prizes.

This is the 48th year of the Open Exhibition and its popularity has grown over the years with 2015 seeing some 1300 entries, by 740 artists. All mediums, painting, drawing, sculpture, photography and video are represented. From the huge entry only 485 artworks make the final selection and go on view to the general public.

The philosophy of the Open Exhibition has always been the same; simply, that anyone aged 16 and over, can submit up to two pieces of work for consideration by the selection panel. This year’s selectors were David Sweet, Painter and Critic and Liz Bennett of the Ropewalk Gallery, in Barton.

The actual selection process must be very intensive considering the huge volume of entries and with such a diverse range of work. Each piece will only be looked at for a few seconds and therefore, has to have something special to offer, it may be subject matter, presentation or good technique, but something has to to be able to grab the selectors attention for those few precious seconds. If not, then the chance is gone until next year.

So, if your anywhere near the Ferens, in the the next few weeks, drop in and have a look at what’s on offer. Entry is free and I hope you will be pleasantly surprised.

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  1. Yes, well done David.

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