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Saturday 8th July was a beautiful, warm, sunny day just perfect for the Flower Festival at St. Peter’s Church, Rowley Manor. As we walked into the church we were welccomed by the vicar and one of the lady organisers who explained the purpose of the festival. When asked about the Friday night, evening preview, they said that it had been very successful with approximately 100 guests. In fact, it was so well attended, that they had to keep ‘nipping out’ to wash the wine glasses, because they only had 80.

 The Flower Festival was to commemerate local residents, past and present, and the displays were arranged by local people and local organisations.

Walking around this beautiful old church to the strains of Elgar’s Nimrod the entrance featured photographs of a wedding that had been held at the church and an arrangement of flowers that looked similar to the flowers the bride carried on her wedding day.  Just inside the church door a large arrangement on the font was dedicated to the memory of Harry.  A large pink and white arrangement that completely covered the top of the font was very impressive. On the opposite side a horizontal arrangement of large red roses laid across the bookcase.  The pillar next to the first aisle was decorated with a vertical display of Allium seed heads and some not quite gone to seed.  The contrast of the purple/pink tiny stars and the green seed heads was complimented with white Agapanthus and foliage.  The vertical arrangement was very tall and extremely well done. 

The main aisle of the church had decorative buckets filled with posies and attached to the end of the pews.  The pulpit, ornately carved with open fretwork, had a cascading arrangment which complimented the dark wood.  The flowers surrounded the pulpit and seemed to be growing through it as a part of the woodwork.  The window apetures held diplays by the Little Weighton Country Women’s organistion and were dedicated to local people.

Leading to the altar the choir pews had lovely bright Gerbera diplays nestled into the corner of the pew with a variety of colours.  The altar chairs had large baskets of flowers on the seats.  The baskets were filled with lovely summer flowers of pink Roses, white Agapnthus, Stocks, Veronica and Astrantia.  It was a beautiful display with some exquisite blousy pink Roses that I think were David Austin ‘Edith’.

Wherever you looked in the church arrangements and displays filled the space and looked absolutely fantastic.  After a very enjpyable tour of the church and apprecation of the flowers we enjoyed a cream tea in the marquee on the lawn in front of the church!  A very successful Flower Festival!

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