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My nephews visited a few weeks ago and the younger one (10 years old) said how much he would like to be Christened. His older brother was Christened as a baby but due to various circumstances the younger child was not.

He had been considering who he might ask to be God Parents and I told him that I was a God Parent to his older brother along with my husband. I went on to say that because he was now older he would be able to choose who he would like to be his God Parents.

He said that he had been thinking about who he would like as God Parents when he is Christened and an interesting discussion followed on the duties of God Parents. He thought that he had made up his mind but wanted to ask me a question. Expecting that he was about to ask me I said of course “what is your question”?

Can your God Parent be someone who’s dead?

Posted on: 23, August, 2016 | Author: editor
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