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These extracts were taken from the records of All Hallows Church.

1885  –  4th September 1885 (Friday) at 5:45 pm.

A thunderstorm of dangerous energy, the lightning of which struck the south-west pinnacle of the church fracturing it in pieces and breaking some stones inside the belfry walls, killing two pigeons. The Rector and another man were within about 100 yards of the church at the same time. 
Douglas Ferguson – Rector.

1952  –  1st August 1952 (Friday)

During a very severe thunderstorm lightning struck the flagstaff on the tower of the church, completely demolishing it, and also broke the pinnacle on the south-west corner of the tower. The damage was subsequently repaired at a cost of £135.
N.A.H.Lawrance – Rector.

1971  –  The Church Council decided that the lightning conductor on the tower might be in need of repair.



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