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Recently I read the post on the Walkington Quiz – Grand Final. I was interested to see no one knew the meaning of the word ‘Coulrophobia’ – Fear of Clowns (myself included)!

I was reminded that a few years ago I took my nephews to the Westwood to fly a kite and have an ice cream. On our arrival, to the absolute horror of my youngest nephew, the circus tent was pitched on the Westwood. “Will there be Clowns” he asked? He needed a lot of reassurance before he would get out of the car.

However, we went to the top of the hill and flew the kite. It was obvious that the distraction did nothing to allay his fears and he kept a watchful eye for Clowns! The kite, whipped up by the wind, flew high into the trees and snagged on the branches in the wood behind the Circus Tent. There was little chance of rescue but as we made our way towards it my nephew again asked if there would be “Clowns in the woods”?

Realising that nothing would pacify him I decided to return to the car. As we made our way an ambulance passed sirens blaring and lights flashing. In an attempt to distract him I pointed to the ambulance. On seeing it making its way towards the Westwood he said, “Maybe a Clown died”!!


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