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Some years ago while Christmas shopping in one of the local supermarkets I purchased a bottle of whisky as a stocking filler for my father.  He liked a drop of whisky and always looked froward to Christmas when he could rely on a bottle as a Christmas gift.

As you would expect the supermarket was heaving with harassed shoppers stocking up for the Christmas holidays.  When finally reaching the checkout a local boy scout group were packing bags for a small donation.  I readily agreed to let the boys pack my shopping.

When I arrived home and unpacked the bags said bottle of whisky was missing!  I searched the car, the boot and the floor of the car but no whisky was found.  I immediately rang the supermarket and explained the situation.  I thought probably the bottle had rolled under some of the carrier bags and the boys had missed it in the general confusion.  The Customer Service assistant checked to see if a bottle of whisky had been handed in and none had.

I told her I wasn’t surprised as it had probably been lost in the heap of bags and probably packed into a later shoppers carrier bags!  I in no way held the boys responsible as it was not a deliberate act I was sure but I had still paid for a bottle of whisky I did not have!  The supermarket manager, with the true ‘spirit’ of Christmas replaced the lost whisky and my father was delighted with his present!

Some months later (March) I had decided to sell my car and told my husband I was going to give it a really thorough clean.  I was in the process of cleaning the interior when I realised the passenger seat was jammed!  Taking up the carpet and getting on hands and knees to my great surprise I found the offending obstruction!!  There jammed under the seat was a bottle of whisky!!  

Well did I return it to the supermarket with an apology or did my father receive an unexpected gift?  I will let you decide!!!

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