HAPPY BIRTHDAY to walkington-life – two years old today. Woweee! Two years ago, on the 8th December 2014, the blog was introduced to the village and the world, and what a successful second year it’s been. We’ve tried to report on, as well as promote, the events happening in the village, which may have touched the lives of many of us, and in doing so, we’ve had lots of fun along the way. Some of our posts have looked back to earlier times in Walkington and hopefully these shed light on how the village has developed and who we are today.

I would like send a huge thanks to all of those villagers who have made a contribution to the success of the blog by writing posts, making comments, sending in recipes and making us all laugh with the “Funny But True” stories. Thank you all! And then, thanks to our readers who have been with us for the last two years. I have been referred to by several people in the village as ‘the blogman’ which I take as being a compliment. From modest beginnings in December 2014, the blog has grown, and has become established as a useful village information and entertainment site, regularly enjoyed by many villagers.

balloon2I know to many people the concept of a blog and blogging was new and although there are millions of bloggers out there, they may still find the idea of writing something for public viewing, a bit intimidating. A blog is simply a website that is regularly updated by an individual, or small group, which has an informal or conversational style of writing on a common topic. That’s all it is. The village blog – walkington-life – aims to encourage villagers to become bloggers (write content for the blog) on any topic they choose that has a connection, however loosely, with the village.

This blog has covered a wide range of events over the year from the Tour de Yorkshire to the Fireworks Display; from the campaign for the Cycle Path to the Sanctuary Stone. . A few of my personal favourites would include, from 2015, the excellent and very moving post “The 158 Squadron Memorial at Lisset” by Peter Naylor; the post in 2016 about  Walkington Primary School kids building the two electric racing cars; the Wonderful Adventures of Mr Dylan, by Mrs Sylvia Hood; and the prize for the most physically demanding post for the second year running, goes to the coverage of the 2016 Bowls Club Finals weekend. That was fun, finding out I could still ride a bike.

All the blog posts are still available to read by clicking on the monthly archive section.

So what’s next? Well, as I say above, I would love to encourage more participation from villagers, of all ages, to get involved with the blog and write your own thing, be it something on the village, a hobby, or to promote a club or society on the Events Calendar.

You never know you might actually enjoy the blogging experience. If you would like to have a go just attach your thoughts to an email and send it to editor@walkington-life.co.uk and I’ll do the rest.

A Merry Christmas from walkington-life


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  1. I want to pay tribute to Keith and the Walkington village blog on marking a second anniversary of supplying news and views to local people. It’s a great community service and provides insights into both local and national stories.

    “On the local news theme, I’m encouraging all residents of Beverley and Holderness to push back against the badly designed plans of East Riding Clinical Commissioning Group, which pose a major threat to the Minor Injury Units in Beverley, Hornsea and Withernsea. I want to take this chance to remind readers that it would be great if you can send off the letter that’s in the process of being delivered to homes right across the constituency (and is available on http://www.grahamstuart.com). We need to show massive community opposition to plans that would make it much harder for people to access urgent care and every letter will count – I hope thousands of people will write in.

    “Business out the way, I want to wish the blog every success in its third year and to wish all readers a very happy and peaceful Christmas, and a great New Year.

    Best wishes,


  2. Thank you Graham, that’s very kind of you.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


  3. Congratulations Walkington-life on reaching your second birthday. I’m looking forward to next year. I loved the Santa video.

  4. Happy birthday Walkington life.
    Wishing you a happy and successful year 3.
    Well done Keith.
    Josie x

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