I would say that I haven’t seen anything that comes close. The tree is a magnolia and can be found on Redgates and at this time of year is quite simply stunning. The site, in full sun is perfect for the magnolia, and they can be grown in any garden soil that is not too dry and alkaline. Flowers and flower buds of the spring flowering magnolias are susceptible to frost damage. The flowers appear before the leaves are out.

The best flowering tree in Walkington?

The best flowering tree in Walkington?

Fortunately this magnificent specimen does not seem to have suffered any frost or wind damage this year, judging by the volume of glorious pinky white flowers. It does have a sheltering wall so this is another significant factor.

The magnolia tree is named after the French botanist Pierre Magnol and they form an ancient species with fossilised specimens thought to be over 25 million years.

Without doubt!

If you know of a better example on public display (not tucked away in your back garden) of a flowering tree or shrub send me an email with a photo attached to editor@walkington-life.co.uk

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