Can you help to solve the mystery of the sudden appearance of two sharks and strange yellow ducks in the village pond. The pond is usually a placid expanse of water where moorhens, coots, mallard ducks and some other scruffy looking ducks have made their home. A few years ago we had a pair of swans, and then their cygnets, on the pond. But sharks, that’s a first!

When I went to investigate on behalf of the blog, all the ducks where congregating down one end of the pond. Only a single moorhen was brave enough, or stupid enough, to be chancing his luck by swimming within a few yards of the sharks. But hey… that’s moorhens for you. Crazy birds!

As for the ducks they didn’t seem too bothered they were obviously asleep as they were laying on their side, having said that, in the photos you can clearly see they all have their eyes open. And who can blame them, after all they are sitting ducks.

Sitting Ducks?

But are they even ducks? It was suggested in the pub that they could be fluffy Easter chicks, oh no the story gets worse. Fluffy Easter chicks attacked by sharks would grab headlines around the world. Walkington pond could ‘go viral.’

Another drinking companion from the Fergie definitely saw a Brexit connection, you know the sort of analogy ‘sharks  circling to attack the Brits’ well no… that’s bordering on the realms of fantasy. Don’t you think?



Posted on: 30, April, 2017 | Author: editor
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  1. Hi Keith

    I am as much in the dark as you are. Everyone I have spoken to thinks it was me but (regrettably) I had nothing to do with it. I must say it was a great joke as it has brought a smile to the faces of so many people. A bit of “good news” in these troubled times!

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