A Parish Council is the first tier of local government,  they are elected bodies, with discretionary powers and rights laid down by Parliament to represent their communities and provide services for them. They act as a focus for local opinion, and provide a way to get things done in a way that is best suited to their local community.

All meetings are open to the public and the Parish Council welcomes the attendance of residents to let the Council hear their views on a subject under debate. Provided the Council agree (and they usually do) residents can speak on items on the published agenda.

If you would like to have an item discussed that is not on the agenda, please contact the Clerk on tel  01964 551176 or via email walkingtonparishcouncil@yahoo.co.uk at least ten days before the meeting, so that specific item can be included on the agenda.

Parish Council Members 2017

ChairmanMr George Southern868704geots@geots.karoo.co.uk
Vice ChairmanMr Clive Dixon864421n/a
CouncillorMrs Claire Boyle 860472 cvboyle@mdboyle.karoo.co.uk
CouncillorMr Tony Collinson872403tc@skybluenights.karoo.co.uk
CouncillorMr David Drew882579davedrew@drew09.karoo.co.uk
CouncillorMr James Drew888281drew09@drew09.karoo.co.uk
CouncillorMr Ken Hearne868310knhearne@gmail.com
CouncillorMr Tom Hodgson873416tom@thehodgsons.karoo.co.uk
CouncillorMr D Hudson862700
CouncillorMs Vivien Swann867677viviandrusty@redgates1.karoo.co.uk
CouncillorMr Robin Taylor86920986carrlane@86carrlane.karoo.co.uk
Clerk to the Parish CouncilMr Malcolm Wells01964 551176walkingtonparishcouncil@yahoo.co.uk


Dates of Meetings 2018 - 2019

5th June 20187:30pmMethodist Church School Room
3rd July 20187:30pmMethodist Church School Room
7th August 2013 (Prov)7:30pmMethodist Church School Room
4th September 20187:30pmMethodist Church School Room
2nd October 20187:30pmMethodist Church School Room
6th November 20187:30pmMethodist Church School Room
4th December 20187:30pmMethodist Church School Room
8th January 20197:30pmMethodist Church School Room
5th February 20197:30pmMethodist Church School Room
5th March 20197:30pmMethodist Church School Room