Post by George Southern, Chairman of Walkington Parish Council

You may have read in the Village Newsletter (December 2017/January 2018 edition) details of the planned renovation of the Pond. However as a reminder, this is to improve water flow, refashion the two islands, supply aquatic planting and provide better access to the pond and its surroundings. Coincidentally a villager has offered to fund the wholesale replanting of the trees to the north and east banks while some work will affect the few trees on the south bank of the pond.

The plan is to fell most of the present trees which are mainly self seeded sycamores together with others that are diseased, damaged or suffering from die-back. There will be 62 removed. It is recognised that this will affect the backdrop of the pond significantly as the new planting develops. However with several mature trees remaining  together with those standing in the grounds of the neighbouring property the visual impact should be somewhat diminished. However it is recognised that it will take time for any new tree backdrop to become substantial.

However this clear-out of the old will provide a ‘once in a generation’ opportunity to plan for and plant trees presenting a wide variety of foliage, colour and shape which is not currently present. Discussions with representatives of various interested bodies and the advice of an experienced plantsman has produced a planting scheme of 60+ trees underplanted with nearly 40 shrubs. The selection of sapling size should allow a fairly quick maturing of this planting.

Details of the submission to fell a sycamore which has a tree protection order is being displayed at the pond allowing any observations to be submitted to East Riding of Yorkshire Council. Subject to these, if any, it is hoped that work can commence on the project in early spring before the bird nesting season begins. Updates will be supplied as and when works begin.

Posted on: 29, December, 2017 | Author: editor
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