This summer a lot of the kids in Walkington have been involved with Lifestyle projects to help to improve community life and conservation in the village. The blog recently reported on the Walkington Wildlife Hotel and now we have Project Hedgehog. This project has the aim of raising awareness and helping with the conservation of hedgehogs by providing Hedgehog Houses, where hedgehogs have a safe place to hibernate over winter and then hopefully live and successfully breed.

Like much of our garden wildlife the numbers of hedgehogs are in severe decline and they are now regarded as an endangered species and you will be lucky to see this once common spiky ball in your garden. Just to highlight the decline it is estimated that in the 1950’s we had to around about 30 million hedgehogs and today the estimate is around 1.5 million.

Project Hedgehog Team. Jack, George and Mason

Project Hedgehog Team. Oliver, George and Mason. Jack is on holiday.

Project Hedgehog has been organised by four boys in Walkington and they have spent the week washing cars, selling bags of plums and hedgehog biscuits. The boys, George, Oliver, Mason and Jack have so far raised just under £200 to buy the Hedgehog Houses, and after taking advice from a vet, they are looking for a suitable site which will hopefully be the Church Paddock.

The Lifestylers ready for action.

The Lifestylers ready for action.

The boys would like to thank those villagers who made such kind and generous donations in support of the project. Well done to the young boys of Project Hedgehog who are helping to provide a safe haven for endangered hedgehogs.

Editor’s Note: When the photos were taken Jack was on holiday.


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  1. These and all other Lifestyler Teams in the village are a credit to themselves and to the community. Could they all be encouraged to give updates as to progress during the autumn and winter ? Who knows any of these might feature in Lifestyle awards later in the year. George Southern

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