Once again I have had the pleasure of being invited to Walkington Primary School to report on school projects for publication on the village blog. Last year I wrote about a project to build two Goblin racing cars; this time, the project involved the building of an Igloo House, by the reception class and their teacher, Mrs Brown.

The Igloo House is very impressive, as you can see from the photos, and was built out of milk bottles by the 29 children in the class who are all 4 -5 years old. The two sides of the igloo are so different, with the flat outer surface contrasting sharply with the inside with the green, blue and red bottle tops, making the inside look as though it’s been wallpapered.

Although the children were all lined up in their coats and hats, ready to go out for playtime, they enthusiastically told me about their igloo house. On asking one little girl why they hadn’t built the house with real ice, she simply replied, ‘because it would melt’.

Mrs Brown, the class teacher, explained that the children had collected the 2 litre milk bottles at home and brought them to school; many of the empty milk bottles had been kindly provided by Morrison’s of Beverley.

The Igloo House was part of a much larger project being carried out by the whole School called ‘Lights, Camera Action,’ with the various classes focusing on different aspects of the project. The children in the reception class, and Mrs Brown, wanted to do something featuring the wonderful film, ‘Frozen,’ which of course, all the children love.

The milk bottles were glued together in two’s and then glued into layers building up to form the shape of the igloo. In all there are 13 layers, but nobody knows how many milk bottles there are. Two of the children from the class, Hugo and Imogen, kindly stood for a photo to allow us to judge the overall scale of the igloo.The Igloo House took just over three weeks to complete.

Building the igloo taught the children about shapes and layers, counting in two’s, recycling, how to work together and how to safely use a cool melt glue gun. More than this though, it just looks like the kids had a whole lot of fun.

Mrs Brown said that when the children were asked what they wanted the Igloo to be used for, they said it was to be used as a writing room. Some of the children have already sat in the Igloo to write out magic potions. Thinking about it later, I thought it could also be a fantastic singing room… just imagine the acoustics. All together now ‘ Let it go, Let it go,’

Seriously, what a great project for the kids to have been involved with. I’m sure they’ll enjoy playing and learning inside their little igloo house; who knows what their imaginations will conjure up. Well done to all the children in the reception class and thanks to Mrs Brown for all her help.

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Editor’s Note

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