The Beverley artist and walkington-life contributor – Peter Naylor – has been shortlisted for the iconic centrepiece for The Memorial to the Lost Trawlermen of Hull which is currently on display in Hull’s Maritime Museum. 

Hull City Council has been working closely with STAND (St Andrews Dock Heritage Park Action Group) to help realise their vision for the memorial, and the final list of competitors include designs by: 

Tom Leper, Trevor Harris, Carol Payne, Sculpture Works and Peter Naylor. 

Members of the public are encouraged to visit the exhibition at the Maritime Museum and to vote for their preferred design for the pivotal piece which will play a central role to the memorial, drawing the garden together and paying homage to those who lost their lives at sea. 

The Lost Trawlermen of Hull by Peter Naylor

The Lost Trawlermen of Hull by Peter Naylor.

This sculpture is dedicated to the lost trawlermen of Hull. Peter offers the following description of his work.

• Representational and figurative – we connect to this work.
• 13 men link to the superstitions of the fishing community. The number is not obvious but the men are inextricably ill-fated as befits the essence of the memorial.
• The silhouettes work from both sides – leaving or returning? Farewell or hello? Going out down the Humber and coming back (or not).
• The silhouettes cast shadows of themselves on to the ground and on to each other.
• From a distance the figures form a bold image against the ever-changing skies and the Humber. Up close, we walk amongst them and connect to them individually.
• A young boy carries one of the crew’s heavy cases. Embedded at his feet are scattered coins. A warming touch that adds interest for younger viewers.
• 15mm corten steel – evocative of the rust on trawlers but corten is clean to touch and improves by fingering. Great longevity, no maintenance & doesn’t attract theft.
• At night the LED uplighters give a ghost-like quality to the figures.
• Looming out of fog, dusted with snow, frozen with ice crystals, casting long summer shadows – the sculpture has ever-changing year round appeal.
• “For Those in Peril on the Sea” is inscribed into the stone – mourning the past & saying a prayer for the present & future. The fishing may have gone but Hull is still a great sea-going port. Its heritage and pride are interwoven with the brown grey waters of the Humber that form the backdrop to this memorial.

The exhibition will run until Wednesday 6 January 2016 and the winning design will be selected by public vote to be announced on Monday 11 January. The successful exhibits can also be viewed and voted for at Trawlermen Memorial Design


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  1. Congratulations to Peter Naylor on winning the Trawlermen Memorial Design competition.The winning exhibit collected a massive 61% of the public vote. It is hoped that the memorial will be completed and installed by the end of the year.

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