On Tuesday (20th) I accompanied George Southern (Chairman) and Sue Sugars (Clerk) from the Sherwood and Waudby Charity to Walkington Primary School to see some of the children demonstrate the use of iPads donated by the Charity to the school.

We were met by Rebecca Hooper, a teacher, who kindly explained how the iPads were used by the children and staff, she then took us into a classroom for a demonstration. The iPads are used in every class subject and were always booked out for use even at lunch times. We were shown a project currently being carried out at lunchtimes by some of the children, involving the study of bee’s. The iPads also link to a large screen allowing the teacher and children to interact with the screen using the iPads.

Sue, Rebecca and George

Sue, Rebecca and George

Miss Hooper explained the considerable benefits the children acquire from this early introduction to information technology, such as increased confidence, dexterity and learning new skills. The school uses an educational app called Lexia which is an aid to literacy and the children can learn or improve their reading ability by phonics using an iPad. It’s well known that children, whether at home, or at school, engage with iPads and are motivated perhaps by the touch screen features, to solve problems and perform simple tasks using their newly developed skills. These skills of course, will last a lifetime.

Children using the iPads in a french lesson

The Sherwood and Waudby Charity provided the school with funds to purchase 15 iPads which works out at approximately one iPad between two children in most classes. As the photos show the children are pleased with their new iPads and Miss Hooper thanked the Charity for their generosity.

Children with their teacher using an iPad.

The Charity is based in Walkington and uses the income from the six rental properties, and other assets, it owns in the village, to provide funds for the benefit of various village organisations and inhabitants of the parish of Walkington.


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