Things rarely standstill in the world of telecommunications, and so following on from the successful installation of the new Vodafone/O2 mobile telephone mast, we now have the start of the KCOM Lightesteam rollout. 

The new service should be available throughout the village by summer 2018 although whether this includes Broadgate, I’m not sure. That’s another thing about telecoms, it’s always dangerous to make predictions.

However, a team of KCOM contractors have started today to lay the fibre optic cable. I have spoken to the guys involved and they have said it should take approximately two and a half months to get the cable installed. And so, this view depicted on the photos should be a common sight throughout the village over the coming weeks.

Pulling the fibre optic cable through the underground duct.

Pulling the fibre optic cable through the underground duct.

It seems that the work involves three stages. Firstly the cable has to pulled through the underground ducts (see photo) throughout the village; secondly, the engineers have to connect all the cable to the various green telecoms cabinets; and, thirdly, the engineers connect the cable to the home. For those who sign up for Lightstream, we should have, in common with other KCOM area’s, some of the fasted broadband speeds in the country.

KCOM Contractors installing cable

Just a reminder from an earlier post. Lightstream is the ultrafast broadband internet service from KCOM, providing homes in the village, with a much faster and reliable internet connection. The connection to your home, is via a fibre optic cable, rather than the more traditional copper wire, we have at present. The glass fibre option is claimed to be up to 25x faster than standard broadband.

Ultrafast broadband from KCOM is also future-proof technology, meaning that when everybody starts to do more things online like watching TV, making video calls, working, gaming and more, screens won’t freeze, jump or stop like they might have done before. When watching your favourite TV programme online, the frustration of the screen freezing, whilst buffering the signal, should be a thing of the past. The signal will not be adversely affected by bad weather, or lots of other people in your street, trying to access the internet at the same time.

The walkington-life blog will keep you informed as the broadband rollout continues. 

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4 Responses to Walkington and Ultrafast Broadband – KCOM Lightstream
  1. This is encouraging but with the help of our M.P. Graham Stuart, I had it confirmed in October 2016 by the Chief Executive of Kcom that Lightstream would be available in the village by December 2017. As stated above, it is difficult to predict when this form of infrastructure will be operational, but it now appears that the real work has begun. In other words watch this space. George Southern

  2. I see KCOM have updated their progress on Lightstream in our area on
    their website. Still June / July though.

  3. Broadgates has already got Lightstream

  4. Thanks Misuel. I wondered about that because I did a post (what seems like years ago) about Lightstream for Megson Way. Well, that’s good to know. Is it all that KCOM say it is?
    Thanks for getting in touch.

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