I had the pleasure of attending the art exhibition on Thursday evening (15th) at Walkington Primary School and what an absolute delight it was. From the moment you entered the school you were struck by the colour and enthusiasm, the ideas, and all the hard work that had obviously been done by the children and the staff on putting the exhibit together.

It was also particularly interesting to walk around the classrooms to see the range of projects the kids are involved with from a large drawing of the human skeleton with all various bones and organs neatly identified; to South America and a project about people getting along, called ‘We All Fit Together.’ There was one project called the ‘Maths Working Wall’ which I could have done with in my old primary school so many years ago. And, that’s the other thing that strikes oldies like me wandering around these colourful classrooms; that is how much more fun and interest is generated by today’s primary schools. My memories of primary education are not ones of colour and excitement, but rather post war drab and rationing, when achievement meant being a milk monitor.

Chris Bullough, the headteacher addressed the gathering of adults and children in the school hall, saying that the school wanted to put on an event that tied in with Hull’s, City of Culture 2017. The idea of an art exhibition featuring paintings, drawings and photographs by the school children and the local community seemed very appropriate. He went on to say that he was responsible for the ‘crazy ideas’ and that he had no idea how to bring them to life, but he was fortunate, in that he was surrounded by staff, who where able to work through the problems and make things happen.

The Headteacher put forward the idea that people liked singing, and especially liked community singing, and so the exhibition would include a mass ‘sing along.’ Up stepped the person to make it all happen, the deputy head, Rachel Sawkins, and what a wonderful job she did. She led from the front with sheer enthusiastic energy and a fine voice, encouraging us all with wild arm movements to extract a musical performance from the audience. She even encouraged your editor to a passable version of ‘When The Saints’ and ‘Swing Low Sweet Chariot.’ Mr Bullough was right, the audience did enjoy the singing and it was good to see the mums and dads joining in the songs with the children.

I have put together a photo gallery of the event. My apologies, in some photos the images are blurred, this is  due entirely to people having a good time and not standing still. Click on the photos and use the arrow keys to progress through the gallery.

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