The Walkington village quiz season is drawing to an exciting conclusion with the Grand Final in March. Last Friday(17th Feb) saw the last semi final take place, in the village hall, featuring teams from the Sherwood and Waudby Trust, the Walkington Ladies Social Group and the Awesome Foursome.

You will, no doubt remember, that your editor is a member of the Awesomes, a team for the bewildered and the bemused.Because the Awesomes were a scratch team, put together at the last minute, untested in the heat of competition, and weighed down by a team name provided by Dennis Johnson, no one expected them to make much progress. This was borne out by their first outing when the team performance was definitely underwhelming to say the least. One member of the team, okay me, didn’t know the second line of the Christmas classic, Jingle Bells. I would argue that I always saw myself, as more of a wrapper, than a singer.

The audience though not large, were quite vocal in support of their teams, and Dennis, the quiz master, had to use his gavel frequently to curb the enthusiasm. The questions were set by Harry Holdorf and the scores were kept by Anne Brooks. Well done to Harry and Anne.

The questions covered a wide variety of subjects, over the nine rounds; from railways to cryptic football teams; from homonyms to lakes and rivers. Homonyms, now there’s a word you don’t hear everyday. My dictionary describes it as a word with the same spelling or pronunciation as another, but with a different meaning. Such as a deck of cards and a ship’s deck.

Scoring by all the teams in the first few rounds was modest to say the least. However, by half time, the scoring has picked up considerably; the Awesome Foursome took the lead and from then on, they were never bettered.

The final scores were the Awesomes (57), the Sherwood and Waudby Trust (51) and the Ladies Social Group (48). So there you have it; the Awesome Foursome make the Grand Final on March 17th at 7:30.

The Awesomes - Mike (Captain) Robin, Keith and John

The Awesomes – Mike (Captain), Robin, Keith and John

The teams participating in the Grand Final are: All Hallows Church, The Newsletter and The Awesome Foursome. 


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