So, it all came unstuck for the Awesome Foursome on Friday night (17th) as we were soundly beaten by the other finalists in the Walkington Village Quiz Grand Final.

And the evening started so well. When I arrived there appeared to be a queue forming outside the village hall and I thought we were in for a bumper crowd; however, it appeared that no one had a key for the hall, so we all stood outside making the most of it. The key eventually arrived and we surged in like an invading army; lights on, heating on, chairs out, tables out, raffle prizes arranged on the table and the raffle ticket sellers went about their business. The table was set up by the door to collect the entrance fee and we were off, open for business, just like a proper quiz night. Just like a proper quiz night Dennis couldn’t find his glasses, and then a hush descended over the audience, and we were ready. Not quite, our scorer Anne was suffering from a cold and could not attend; a volunteer was sought from the audience and so, Pat sat in the scorer’s chair. Well done Pat, and we all sent our wishes to Anne for a speedy recovery.

Dennis our quizmaster, as well as question setter, made an of announcement regarding the annual quiz between the Brains of Walkington and the University of Hull’s Chemistry Department. The quiz has been put back a week, and will now take place on 28th April at 7:30pm. Now surely we were ready, well not quite, just the small matter of singing Happy Birthday to your editor, for which I thank the audience. Now we were ready and after the team introductions, we were finally off.

The three teams contesting the final were the Newsletter, All Hallows Church and the Awesome Foursome. The Newsletter and All Hallows are obviously well known village organisations, whereas the Awesome Foursome (my team – Go Awesomes) were a scratch team, assembled to make up the numbers; yet somehow we made the final.

There’s a saying in cricket when a batsman is out for nowt – ‘at least, he didn’t bother the scorer’. Well for most of the early rounds, the Awesomes didn’t bother the scorer, and we gamely held on to a plucky third place. We trailed through rounds on firstnames, capital cities, pot luck, Christmas number one singles and spelling, amongst others. By half time we were holding onto third place with a score of 25, whereas by this time the Newsletter had scored 35 and All Hallows were on 39.

All Hallows – Neville, Jane, Mark and Tim

But surely, refreshed at half time by tea and biscuits and an inspiring team talk from Mike, our Captain, the Awesomes would stage an amazing fightback that would go down in the annuls of the Walkington Quiz. Well… no! It’s got to be said, the other teams were just too good for us. All Hallows took the lead from the start and never really looked back. The Newsletter fought hard to reduce the All Hallows lead, but the result was inevitable. They were just too good. The final scores were All Hallows (68), the Newsletter (59) and the Awesome Foursome (51).

So, another Walkington Quiz season comes to a close and our thanks go to all those who took part; especially to Dennis Johnson, the quizmaster, Anne and Mike Brookes, the scorer’s, to all the question setters and all the teams that take part.

It was agreed that all monies raised through the entrance fee and the raffle would be donated to the African Famine Relief Appeal.

The village quiz starts again in October.

Norman Castle presenting the Jenkinson Trophy to Neville, the All Hallows Captain

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