Well what a day  for Walkington (13th Sept) and what a big news day for the blog. I had the opportunity today to watch the installation of the new telecoms mast on Northlands Farm. With the sun shining and the remnants of Storm Aileen blowing around our ears the new mast went up like clockwork. It was like putting up a fence pole.

After all the recent rain the project team had to lay a rubberised track to the mast location to enable the heavy machinery to get from the main road to the site. As you can see from the photo it was like a giant lego system approximately 150 metres long all fitted and bolted together.

The lego track pad to the site

The lego track pad to the site

The crane  lifting the mast into place, was itself state of the art, being fully computerised and some 46 tons with an arm extending to 48 metres. The crane lifted the 15 metre mast and you can see from the photo it was walked into place and dropped onto the spot at the first attempt, and bolted down with eight steel bolts. I thought to myself these guys have done this before.

Walking the mast into position.

Walking the mast into position.

The mast is made of galvanised steel and is far enough from the road to be unobtrusive, especially when you compare it to the string of electricity pylons that march across the farm on their way from Cottingham to York  built in 1968. The mast is hollow and full of what are called coax cables as seen in the photo.

Inside the mast showing coax cables.

Inside the mast showing coax cables.

The purpose of the new mast is to improve the mobile phone signal for all long suffering Vodafone and O2 users and although the project is behind schedule, for various reasons, it is slowly drawing to a conclusion with a live date sometime in October.

The new mast.

The New Telecoms Mast

I jokingly mentioned in a previous post that the delay would provide me with sufficient time to learn how to use my new mobile phone. Well, the mast is now installed (but not live) and I still have to master my new phone, never mind how texting works. 

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  1. More telecoms news. A keen eyed blogger has reported seeing engineers carrying out an upgrade to the EE mast on Mill Lane. He was informed that the work should improve reception for EE mobile phone users. If the results of this upgrade will be seen immediately the work is finished is unclear.

    I rang KCOM to ask about the timetable for the installation of Lightstream (ultra fast broadband) and was advised the whole village was scheduled for summer 2018. Hmm!

  2. Interesting. Last time I spoke with KCOM they said November 2017 to April 2018. Summer 2018? Too late, village complaint needed. Perhaps we should keep a log of who we talk to there?

    The blogger who spotted the EE tower work, may have seen them fixing the part of the tower that does 3 telecoms as they share the mast, after I reported it again for failing the other week. £ have changed their message to say 3G is working again in our post code.

  3. I spoke to KCom Customer Services, when I asked what summer meant she said June! Did I read somewhere that our MP said that he had been advised late 2017 to early 2018. I could be wrong on that account!

  4. More progress today and tomorrow. KCOM are digging up the road at the corner of Northgate and Manor House Lane to install the fibre optic cable from the new cabinet on Northgate and then across the road to the field where the new mast is located. Then KCOM have to use mechanical digger to lay cable from the corner, approximately 150yds,to the mast. Then the magic happens.

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