Colourful computer

A keyboard, the internet and the spark of an idea.

Welcome to walkington-life, a new magazine styled blog based in the East Riding village of Walkington. The purpose of the blog is to provide  entertaining and informative articles, called posts, that readers may find helpful, interesting  or just plain fun. The blog is designed to be a platform for villagers to share their interests and experiences, or to simply offer an opinion on some proposal or activity that effects village life.

The process of developing the walkington-life blog  started in August 2014 and probably will never be totally finished… a little tweak here, a touch of paint there, you know what it’s like. The design of the blog is simple, with clean modern lines with a menu bar at the top to bring up the pages. The blog address is and it can be accessed on many different devices  such as a pc, tablets or smartphones. It looks great on an iPad. But, I may be a bit biased. Hey ho! 

The blog needs contributors to keep it alive and relevant. So, why not give it a try and write a post for inclusion in the blog.  All you need is a keyboard, an internet connection and the spark of an idea, plus a bit of spare time to bring all three together. You never know, once you’ve gone through the experience you may actually enjoy blogging.

So, have you got something you want to tell us (and the rest of the www), a club or society to promote, a bit of local news, a holiday experience, a poem maybe, or a favourite recipe. Well, whatever it is, type it out, run it past a spell checker, attach it to an email and send it to and I’ll do the rest. That’s me by the way,  the editor… Keith Totten, I live in the village.  


So get typing…

 Full advice and guidance on writing a post, please see  “Send a Post”on the menu bar.

And a final thought… please be polite.