Parish Council

Walkington Parish Council 

Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting

Date of meeting: 14 July 2020

Venue: Virtual Meeting

Start time: 19:00

End time: 21:45

Councillors present: Councillors Drew (Chairman), Mrs Swann (Vice Chair), Mrs Boyle, Hearne, Mrs Holdorf, Whistler and Waudby

Ward Councillors present: Councillor Mrs Greenwood

Absences without apologies: Councillor Collinson 

Also present: Mr Waterland and Ms Rose (Clerk)

20.07.01 Apologies for Absence


20.07.02 Declarations of Interest


20.07.03 Matters for Ward Councillors

  1. Planning Comments
    Ward Councillor Mrs Greenwood requested copies of Parish Council planning comments submitted to the East Riding of Yorkshire Council for application 20/03424/PLF Land to the rear of Village Hall, 21 East End.
  2. Footpaths
    Parish Councillors reported that the roads and footpaths in the village need to be tidied up, swept and leaves removed from gutters.
  3. Little Weighton Road – Stile on snicket to West Mill Rise
    Parish Councillors reported that the stile on the entrance to the snicket is in poor condition.  East Riding of Yorkshire Council stated that the path is not recorded as a public right of way or a highway path.  As there is no public status for the path it appears that the owner of the land is likely to be responsible for this path. 

20.07.04 Public Participation

The Parish Council previously invited Mr Oliver Waterland to attend this meeting for an informal discussion pending possible co-option as a Councillor. 
Resolved: Mr Waterland was invited to join the Parish Council as a co-opted Councillor and he remained for the rest of the meeting.

20.07.05 Chairman’s Communications

The village is continuing to cope well with the restrictions due to the pandemic.  There has been a temporary increase in traffic and parking problems due to developments in the village.

The Parish Council would like to express deepest condolences to all who have recently lost loved ones and in particular to Councillor Mrs Boyle on the loss of her mother.

20.07.06 Minutes of the Recent Meetings of the Parish Council

  1. Meeting minutes 22 June 2020 were approved.
  2. There were no matters arising from the minutes.

20.07.07 Community Safety Matters

The Crime Statistics Report for May 2020 was read and discussed.
Resolved: The report was noted.

20.07.08 Planning Matters

  1. Applications
    20/03424/PLF Land to the rear of Village Hall, 21 East End

    Erection of 16 dwellings with associated access, parking and infrastructure (AMENDED PLANS)
    Resolved:  The Parish Council would like to ensure all previous comments are taken into account when this application is considered.  Copies of all comments will be forwarded to Ward Councillors.
  2. Notices of Decision
  1. Permission Granted: 20/01292/PLF 4 Ash Dene
  2. Permission Granted: 20/01015/PLF 20 Megson Way
  3. Permission Granted: 19/04224/VAR Beechborough 40 Little Weighton Road
  4. Permission Granted: 19/00541/OUT Killingwoldgraves Lane
  5. Permission Granted: 20/01326/PLF The Bungalow, Manor House
  1. Other Planning Matters


20.07.09 Tree Issues

  1. Applications
    1. 20/01898/TPO 4 The Haven
      TPO – BROADGATE HOSPITAL, BROADGATE, WALKINGTON – 1987 (REF 259) A1 – Crown lift 1 no. Beech tree by 3 metres due to outer canopy hanging down.
      Resolved:  The Parish Council would like the Tree Officer to make a decision on this application.
    2. 20/01958/TPO 1 George Lane
      TPO – BROADGATE HOSPITAL, BROADGATE, WALKINGTON – 1987 (REF 259) A1 – Side reduce 1 no. Horse Chestnut tree (T1) by 2 metres to rebalance and reduce branches overhanging the property
      Resolved:  The Parish Council would like the Tree Officer to make a decision on this application.
    3. 20/02076/TPO 9 Waudby Close
      TPO – WALKINGTON – 1972 (REF 262) G19 – Crown reduce 1 no. Sycamore tree (T1) by reducing 1 no. limb overhanging lawn at 7 metres to the south west and reduce 1 no. limb at 3 metres to the south due to lack of management by the previous occupant leading to the tree developing a hyper-extended limb which dominates both neighbouring gardens, has developed a heavy canopy of its own and has left the tree with an unbalanced crown.
      Resolved:  The Parish Council would like the Tree Officer to make a decision on this application.
  2. Notices of Decision

c)Other Tree Matters

  1. Tree Inspections
    BHIB Insurance has forwarded information recommending bi-annual tree inspections.  East Riding of Yorkshire Council are unable to supply a map of trees owned by the Parish Council.
    Resolved: East Riding of Yorkshire Council will be asked for a map of conservation and tree protection order areas.
  2. Trees and Hedges Red Yates Paddock
    The Parish Council received a complaint from a neighbouring property reporting that the hedge is overgrown.
    Resolved: Yorkshire Treecraft has been asked to quote for the work.
  3. Middlehowe Road Tree Replanting
    The Parish Council has been contacted by a resident enquiring about plans for replanting the trees on Middlehowe Road as several seem to have not survived and offering assistance by planting some native trees with protection from rabbits and/or deer.
    Resolved:  The resident will be contacted to enquire if the assistance includes the donation of the trees and it will be explained that existing trees are oak and can only be planted at the end of the growing season.  Investigations will also be made into any available grants.

20.07.10 East Riding of Yorkshire Council Matters

  1. 7 West End – Planting on Highway Verge
    The planting of shrubs on the highway verge at 7 West End was reported to East Riding of Yorkshire Council and on investigation by officers the shrubs had already been removed.
  2. 17 West End – Fly-tipping
    The fly-tipping of garden waste on the highway verge at 17 West End was reported to East Riding of Yorkshire Council and on investigation by officers the waste had already been removed.
  3. Steps to Safety Poster
    East Riding of Yorkshire Council provided a poster they would like circulating on how to prevent the spread of Covid-19.  The poster is on the Parish Council website and has been forwarded to the Councillor responsible for the noticeboards

20.07.11 Village Improvements

  1. Kirk Lane Hedgerow (Lawson’s Paddock)
    Planning permission to prune the trees has been granted but not permission to cut the undergrowth the contractor will follow this up with East Riding of Yorkshire Council.
    Resolved: The Chairman will have a discussion with the Contractor to ensure everything is in order.
  2. Pond – Pest Control
    There has been an increase in reports of rats at the village pond.  The pest control company advised that overgrown bushes at the back of the pond need cutting back as it is ideal harbourage.  Bait boxes have been moved and the latest Pest Control Report shows bait taken from all boxes. 
    Resolved:  The Parish Council noted the efforts of the pest control company and will monitor the situation.

20.07.12 Delegations

  1. Playing Fields Association
    The Playing Fields Association have now reopened the playground on the playing field. 
  2. Councillor Delegations
    The Annual Meeting of the Parish Council was cancelled this year due to the pandemic and therefore Councillor delegations and representations were not reviewed
    Resolved: Delegations were reviewed and will stand as:
  • Hornsea Four Onshore Substation Consultation Group
    Councillors Mrs Boyle and Mrs Swann
  • Transport Champion
    Councillors Mrs Swann and Mr Drew in reserve
  • Defibrillator
    Councillors Waudby and Drew in reserve
  • Noticeboard
    Councillors Mrs Swann and Mrs Boyle in reserve
  • Playing Field Association
    Councillors Mrs Boyle and Mrs Holdorf
  • Village Hall Committee
    Councillors Hearne and Waudby
  • Sherwood and Waudby Charity
    Councillors Drew and Hearne
    Councillor Whistler in reserve
  1. Village Hall
    The Charity Commission has advised the Village Hall Committee that there is no requirement to hold an Annual General Meeting this year due to restrictions caused by the pandemic.  The Chairman of the Village Hall Committee has asked the opinion of the Parish Council.  Councillors indicated that they are happy to abide by the opinion of the Charity Commission and a formal decision will be made at the next meeting after inclusion on the agenda. 

20.07.13 Finance

    1. Monthly Finance Report
    2. Payments
      1. Staff costs £1179.20
      2. Administration £5.00
      3. Insurance £715.58

All the above have been previously approved.

    1. Purchases

Subscription to Zoom Meetings is £11.99 per month or £119.90 per year excluding VAT.  Subscriptions can only be paid by credit card or PayPal.
The Parish Council approved the ongoing monthly subscription to Zoom to be paid for by the Clerk and claimed back as expenses.

20.07.14 Policies and Procedures


20.07.15 Miscellaneous

Councillors reported that some bushes and trees on resident’s land are encroaching on footpaths in the village.
Resolved: Councillor Mrs Swan is to put a post on the Walkington What’s on Facebook group asking residents to maintain their bushes and hedges.

20.07.16 Exclusion of the Public

The public and press were excluded from the meeting for discussions of a confidential nature.

20.07.17 Staff Appraisals and Contract Reviews

  1. Cleaner
    The Cleaner has resigned his position and given notice until the end of July 2020.
    Resolved: The Parish Council would like to thank Mr Firth for a sterling job over the years and approved a gratuity to show appreciation of his efforts.
  2. Clerk
    Contract review and booking of appraisal.

    1. Dates will be arranged for the appraisal.
    2. The Clerk’s contract will be discussed by the Chairman, Vice-Chair, Councillor Mrs Boyle and the Clerk.  Any proposed changes to the contract will be presented to the Parish Council at the next meeting for approval.
    3. The Clerk’s holiday entitlement from the last leave year which was not used due to extra work caused by the pandemic will be carried forward to this leave year.

20.07.18 Date and Time of Future Meetings

The next Parish Council meeting will be on Tuesday 1st September at 19:00.  This will be a virtual meeting.  For further details please contact the Clerk.


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