The Four Seasons Art Exhibition by the DAPPA (Drawing and Painting for Pleasure Artists) of painters took place on Saturday (17th) in the Methodist Church Hall and like last year was very well attended. As the title suggests the theme, this year, was the four seasons and there were 115 paintings on display grouped by the season.

The group has twenty members of whom 16 had submitted works for the exhibition. Alongside the paintings for sale, the artists were offering smaller works and unique greeting cards for birthdays and Christmas that appeared to be selling well.

Mary Wells the group leader and exhibition organiser.

Mary Wells the group leader and exhibition organiser.

The paintings in oil, watercolour and acrylic paint covered a wide range of subjects representing the seasons in a colourful and imaginative way. We were all invited to pick our favourite picture and to enter a draw with a bottle of bubbles to the lucky winner. In my case this was a difficult decision because of the number of really good paintings to choose from. In the end I settled for a painting simply called ‘Sheep’ only for my wife, to joking ask ‘what was it of?’ SHEEP! And, like last year there was an excellent selection of cakes, scones and biscuits for the delight of the visitors.

Mary Wells, the organiser, said that it was hoped to make this an annual event and she was already thinking of next year’s theme with ‘Hull, City of Culture 2017’ at the top of the list. Mary was on hand to answer questions and to give a demonstration of drawing with pastels.

There are now two DAPPA groups, in the village, with around 10 members per class that meet every week on Wednesday mornings and Thursday afternoons at Walkington Methodist Church Hall.

The exhibition was held in support of two charities, Parkinson’s UK and Yorkshire Cancer Research .

For more information on the group please see Mary’s recent post. Click here.

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  1. Wow! And that’s putting it mildly…
    I was lucky enough to have gone to see this exhibition last Saturday.
    After a warm & friendly greeting by a young lady on the door (who explained about the ‘favourite picture’ draw) I wandered around the displays and the level of expertise on show was astonishing. Many of the pictures on display would grace any gallery.
    Although the theme was the Four Seasons, it was wonderful to see how the different artists had interpreted this; and in addition to that the range of techniques and methods they had used, had me staying a lot longer than the few minutes I had anticipated. A LOT longer!
    A huge thanks too to the warm and friendly greetings I received from the members; who were also very happy to stop and chat about their work and their club.
    Then I had the final delight of some very scrumptious cakes and a coffee.
    A huge thanks to Mary and her artists for a thoroughly enjoyable experience!!
    I await next years exhibition in great anticipation.
    My only regret was not having more cash with me so that I could have bought several of the works of art on display.

    • Wow is a pretty good comment to make when your a struggling artist with hardly enough cash to by your materials, let alone the continually rising rent on the bed sitter come studio with a leaking roof……….
      I had better stop there as I’m beginning to feel sorry for the poor chap.
      Thankfully this description does not apply to me ……yet. But to any aspiring artisan WOW is good.
      Now the good news for you is that you don’t have to wait until our next exhibition. You, or anybody else, are welcome to come to my studio preferably with some cash and have a private viewing by appointment. Just leave a contact number and or e mail address with the editor of this service and he will arrange things for you.

  2. Wow seems to be the in word to use to sum up
    Our Four Seasons Exhibition!!
    Wow what an amazing turn out!
    Wow what a great community there is at Walkington!
    Wow what generosity!
    Thankyou to everyone who contributed to this very successful and enjoyable day from the artists to the bakers and the stewards and management team at the methodist church hall who allowed us to take over the hall in preparation and then on the day.
    As Keith has already reported we raised an amazing £285 each for our two Charities, Parkinson’s Uk and Yorkshire Cancer Research ( what’s raised in Yorkshire stays in Yorkshire).
    Thankyou again and watch this space for next year when the City of Culture will be our inspiration. Mary

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