A few weeks ago I remember seeing this featured on ‘Look North’ with a group of volunteers from a village in North Lincolnshire being trained by the police in the use of speed guns. The pilot was judged to have been a success and will now be rolled out across the area. 

What is the aim of the scheme?

Community Speed Watch allows residents, particularly those in rural communities, to become police-trained volunteers monitoring vehicle speeds in their communities, with the aim of changing the behaviour of some road users who drive above the speed limit through small towns and villages.

Similar projects have been in place up and down the country for some years so we already know what works well and not so well and will develop our own scheme accordingly. It relies on volunteers coming forward who want to make a difference in their town or village and we will work with them to make their community safer and stronger for everyone living there.

If you would like to be considered as a volunteer, as the poster says, contact walkingtonparishcouncil@yahoo.co.uk by email.


Posted on: 26, February, 2019 | Author: editor
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