A village resident contacted the blog to advise that she had read a notice on Townend Road which stated that Walkington House was to be demolished on 28th February. Shortly after this, I attended a Parish Council meeting where the same information was relayed to the Parish Council who were unaware of the pending demolition. Always on the lookout for a news story, for the blog, I had a wander up Townend Road and although Walkington House was clearly unoccupied, the demolition notice was gone. End of story… not quite!

So, where next? I accessed the East Riding Planning website, and indeed, found the relevant document that stated, ‘It is proposed that the works of demolition shall commence the 28th February 2019.’

The document was an ‘Application of Prior Notification of Proposed Demolition’ as required by the Town and Country Planning Act of 2015. Now, as the editor of a village blog, I am not overly familiar with the complexity of local planning laws; however, I do know how to use Google.

What it means is that in certain circumstances before a developer ‘can carry out the demolition, they must apply to the local planning authority for a determination as to whether prior approval will be required for the method of demolition and any proposed restoration of the site.’ In effect the developer is asking if the East Riding Planning Authority would need to grant prior approval for the demolition of Walkington House. If successful, I presume the developer would then submit a planning application to build more houses in between both the current building sites

This afternoon I contacted the planning department and was told that the planning committee has not met to consider the application and therefore the demolition should not take place. Just to confirm this I went for a walk along Townend Road, on this chilly late afternoon, and can without hesitation state that Walkington House still stands.

Why the notice posted on the railings outside Walkington House should say the demolition would take place on the 28th February 2019 is anyone’s guess.

Posted on: 28, February, 2019 | Author: editor
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  1. On the 14th March 2019, East Riding Council granted permission for the developer to demolish Walkington House subject to certain conditions. Those conditions focus on the need for the developer to protect the trees on the site, by erecting protective fencing, as illustrated on their plan. Furthermore, the developer is reminded that before demolition works can commence, a Bat Mitigation Licence, will be required from Natural England.

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