Last Thursday evening, the 4th June, BBC’s Look North programme featured a report on the plight of Dove House Hospice and the severe impact covid-19 was having on its ability to raise money to fund the essential services it provides. With the temporary closure of Dove House charity shops the supply of funds has been greatly reduced.

The spokesperson from Dove House explained that the Hospice needs about £8 million a year to  ensure its full range of services to the terminally ill and that only about £1 million is provided by central government; the rest is largely due to donations from the general public. The stark reality of the situation was made very clear when he advised that Dove House requires £500,000 a month to survive. 

The piece then featured a bedside interview with a guy called Harry Allon from Walkington. Most people reading this won’t know Harry Allon; in fact I’ve only spoken to him once, when I enjoyed his company on the bus, back from Beverley, and we chatted like old friends.

His decision to appear on Look North was typical of Harry who’s involvement in community life has brought him in touch with so many people.  People that he has met through the Hayride, the Walkington Pantomime, All Hallows Church Choir, his voluntary work at Castle Hill Hospital and in his retirement work at the Beverley Racecourse.

The  Village has always been a great supporter of Dove House Hospice and it was always one of the listed charities for donations by the Walkington Hayride Committee. 

 I am sure that many of us will want to get behind Harry at this time in his life and support the emergency appeal by the Hospice. Donations can be made via or contact them on 01482 785751.

Please give what you can. Thank you.

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