I was searching for something that was appropriate for this time of year and came across ‘Dowly Days, written by Ernie Teal MBE. Many of  the blog’s younger readers may not have heard of the man who was often referred to in the media as Mr Walkington.  Ernie was always a great supporter of all things to do with the village and was instrumental in founding Walkington’s famous ‘Victorian Hayride. He died in November 2011. I hope you enjoy reading ‘Dowly Days’ which was written in 1977.

Autumn’s adornment of many hues lie like a shroud at the feet of the tall trees which gave them birth. The violins of winter strum their mournful dirges through the naked branches  and across the countryside like Banshees from a world in which we play no part.

Myriads of snowflakes drift silently down covering the sleepy face of our good earth with a sparkling mantle of white. Familiar and much loved haunts swiftly become strange new territories on which to gaze or roam.

The snow brings its problems and frustrations to all of us. For the feathered ones and all creatures of the wild, alas, it bring hunger and often death but the snow’s cold, cold pitiless beauty is undeniable. 

Blackbirds and thrushes, wrens and cuddies, blue and great tits, robins and goldcrests, to name but a few of our well known birds, will rely on us to a great extent to see them through the chilling embrace of winter.

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