At The Parish Council meeting on 3rd July, Duchy Homes presented a proposal to build 24 houses on the paddock at the top of Redgates, the paddock also runs adjacent to Little Weighton Road and West Mill Rise. A copy of the draft site layout plan has been provided by the developers and is shown below.

It might be useful to provide a bit of background information which will hopefully put the development into some sort of context.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council is required to produce a local plan in which it sets out its  long term strategy for new development over the period to 2029. This Local Plan identifies sites which will be allocated as new housing developments, as well as, forming the basis for decisions on planning applications.

What does the Local Plan say about Walkington with regard to new housing development? Well, it starts off by describing Walkington as a Primary Village and proposes the building of 70 new houses and allocates four sites for residential development over the period to 2029.

These four sites are:

 WAL-A – Land North of Walkington House (0.76ha) – this is adjacent to Townend Road and development has started

 WAL-B – Land South of Walkington House (0.73ha) – this is adjacent to Townend Road and development has started

 WAL-C – Land North of East End (0.75ha) – is the land behind the Village Hall

WAL-D – Land to West of Redgates (1.02ha)  – this is the paddock at the top of Redgates which has been allocated for housing development.

Looking at the site layout plan it’s important to remember that this is only a draft plan and will be subject to comments by the Parish Council, ERYC and local residents. The plan shows the likely access to the site via  Little Weighton Road with a footpath to West End. The existing house on the site will be demolished to make way for the 24 new houses comprising of;  2×1 bedroom houses; 2×2 bedrooms houses; 3×3 bedrooms houses; 6×4 bedroom houses and 11×5 bedroom houses.

What happens next?  Duchy Homes commented: “Duchy are committed to working with the local community to bring forward a successful development at the site. We intend to do a mail drop to local residents in the coming weeks. This will provide further information on the development.” 

The developer will then presumably apply to East Riding Council for Planning Permission. Walkington Parish Council and local residents will be able to add their comments; the blog will endeavour to keep residents fully up to date with the current developments and the timescales for comments.

Correction: This original post has been changed to reflect the view expressed in the draft parish council minute 18.07.07. The text now reads; ‘likely access to the site via Little Weighton Road’ and mention of ‘Redgates’ has been removed.



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  1. Living as we do at the top of Redgates I am absolutely appalled by this proposal. I would be grateful to be kept informed of opportunities to object officially when they arise!

  2. Draft Minute from Parish Council Meeting 3rd July 2018 re: Duchy Homes.


    The meeting heard a description of the proposed housing development of twenty three units with a suggested access from Little Weighton Road. Some plans and photographs were provided for perusal. Informal discussions had been held with East Riding Development Management staff and Highways staff, the latter having no objection to the access from Little Weighton Road. It was suggested that a planning application would be submitted within two and a half months.

    Councillor Taylor pointed out that the site as adopted in the Local Plan did not provide for access from Little Weighton Road and any application would be treated as a major departure.
    Residents asked many questions and some concerns about the effect of increased traffic on Little Weighton Road and Kirk Lane.

    Emma Lancaster undertook to provide contact details for the Clerk to circulate. A letter drop for adjoining residents was being considered by the developers. They assured Councillor Collinson that adequate anti flooding measures would be taken.
    Resolved –
    (i) That Mr Millea and Ms Lancaster be thanked for their presentation

    (ii) That, when received, the Clerk post the contact details on notice boards and send them to the Newsletter and Blog

  3. Walkington Parish Council have released contact details for Duchy Homes




    Residents can discover more information about the scheme by contacting

    Malcolm J Wells

    Clerk to the Parish

  4. Attended the Parish Council Meeting last night (4th) and as there had been no contact from Duchy Homes, or a planning application submitted to ERYC, the Chairman decided not to discuss the issue. However, as several residents objected the Chairman called for a vote and members agreed to defer discussion until more information became available.

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