Sir Bobby Robson died 10 years ago today. 

I thought it might be a good idea to delve into the blog archives and re-publish the post ‘Funny But True No 9,’ with some of the quotes attributed to Sir Bobby. It certainly got me laughing again and I’m certain you’ll do the same.

  • We didn’t underestimate them. They were just a lot better than we thought.
  • Manchester United dropped points, Liverpool dropped points, Chelsea dropped points, Everton dropped points, so in a way we haven’t lost anything at all really, although we dropped all three.
  • I’m not going to look beyond the semi-final – but I would love to lead Newcastle out at the final.
  • Alan Shearer has done very well for us, considering his age. We have introduced some movement into his game because he has got two good legs now. Last season he played with one leg.
  • No team won anything without a dodgy keeper.
  • The first ninety minutes of a football match are the most important.
  • He’s very fast and if he gets a yard ahead of himself nobody will catch him.
  • We can’t replace Gary Speed. Where do you get an experienced player like him with a left foot and a head?
  • Nobby Solano discharged himself from hospital after the Tottenham game and he’s driving, living the life and aware of who he is.
  • He’s the only man I know who could start an argument with himself (when discussing Newcastle striker Craig Bellamy).
  • Anything from 1-0 to 2-0 would be a nice result.
  • When Gazza was dribbling, he used to go through a minefield with his arm, a bit like you go through a supermarket.
  • He never fails to hit the target. But that was a miss.
  • Gary Speed has never played better, never looked fitter, never been older
  • Home advantage gives you an advantage.


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