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Some time ago I collected my father after a short stay in the hospital.  I realised he was struggling to complete the discharge forms as he couldn’t see properly.  I told him I would make an appointment with the Optician for him to have new glasses.  He told me he had never had his eyes tested before (70 +)!  I told him he must have had an eye test as he was wearing glasses.  These are not my glasses he told me, they belong to my friend Jeff.  

I promptly made an appointment at the Opticians.  When we arrived I informed the Optician that these glasses were, in fact, a pair my Dad had got from his friend.  My Dad immediately corrected me telling the Optician that these glasses were not Jeff’s glasses but my Grandma’s glasses (his mother’s glasses)!!  My Grandma had died at 98 years old and was blind in one eye.  Absolutely appalled I told my Dad that Gran was blind in one eye how on earth could he see with them?  They’re actually really good he said and my friend Jim can see really well with them too!  Much to the amusement of the Optician he tested my Dad’s eyes and prescribed both reading and distance glasses.  To Dad’s amazement he could actually see properly for the first time since goodness knows when.  

I took him home the proud owner of his new specs and while we were having a cup of tea he handed me a carrier bag.  Inside were at least 20 pairs of glasses!  I guess I won’t be needing these now he told me.  I cannot begin to imagine how he had collected so many pairs and the conversations that he and his friends had while trying them on to see which they could see through the best!! 

Thank goodness he still had his own teeth!!!   

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