With a bit of luck, our covid recovery roadmap, will  hopefully  see all social distancing measures relaxed by 17th June and we can return to some sort of normality.

The concert below is the first musical event, or any event for that matter, that the walkington-life blog has promoted in over a year and is extremely welcome. Please note the date for the re-scheduled concert is Saturday 2nd October 2021 and not the date on the poster. The concert is a charity gig for Parkinson’s UK and has been sold out.

For those lucky enough to have tickets you can look forward to a great evening of, and I quote; ‘an intoxicating combination of ingredients: folk blues, ska, reggae and klezmer with a hint of rock and pop’.

Andy Mowforth has also provided information on other events planned for 2022.

** Saturday 26th February 2022 is the Dan Webster Band – where folk fuses with country and Alt rock, as good as you’ll hear on any record from Austin or Nashville!

** Saturday 8th October 2022 is Hope & Social – A big sound from this impressive outfit, inspired, anthemic and a fantastic night!

Tickets for the 2022 events will be available at the Holy Moly concert and you can text or email me with your details to also reserve tickets.


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