Kirk Lane, linking Little Weighton Road to the B1230, has again been closed to traffic for repairs to the drains. Arrangements have been put in place to allow access for pedestrians and Kirk Lane residents. The problem with the drains will be familiar to any villager who regularly walks up Kirk Lane with the tell tale sign of the smell and the small stream. The Parish Council are well aware of the issue and it was recently discussed at the June Parish Council Meeting, as the minutes for June state; 

Kirk Lane Drains
A long standing problem with a sewage leak on Kirk Lane, which has not been fully addressed was again reported to the Parish Council at the Annual Parish Meeting.Correspondence has been forwarded to Ward Councillors who believed the matter had been dealt with during the recent excavation and repair of the sewer by East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

Resolved:Ward Councillor Mrs Greenwood will raise the matter again East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

Let us hope the problem is satisfactorily resolved in a timely manner.


Posted on: 11, July, 2021 | Author: editor
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