We had a KCOM Lightstream package installed last week and I’m pleased to report our internet speed is vastly improved. I had previously registered interest with KCOM Customer Services and when the service became available they telephoned me to arrange a convenient install date. Their diary was running about 2 weeks ahead. We agreed a half day slot and this was duly confirmed by letter. 

The engineer arrived and because we didn’t have a convenient plug socket he had to drill through the wall and then install a small white box to the inside wall, which contains the end of the fibre optic cable. The wireless router then connects into this white box and provides the wireless signal to the other devices in the house, such as iPad, TV and mobile phone. The install came free of charge although I understand in some cases a charge for the wireless router may be applicable.

The install process took about 45 minutes and that’s it, done and dusted and ready to go.

In the village, wherever possible, KCOM have usede Fibre to the Home (FTTH) technology, to enable customers to enjoy the best possible broadband speeds and improved reliability. I think over the last few months you won’t have failed to notice KCOM’s vans all around the village.

Without getting too technical lets look at what’s on offer for KCOM’s internet services. Basically, there are two types of fibre services provided by KCOM:

  • Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) where the fibre optic cable is connect to the nearest cabinet and from there to the customer’s home via a copper wire. This is what most of us had before lightstream technology.
  • Fibre to the Home (FTTH) This carries the fibre all the way to the customer’s home and speeds are not affected by distance from the network. This is the LIghtstream service.

The common Lightstream options are:

  • Lightstream Fibre 75
  • Lightstream Fibre 200
  • Lightstream Fibre 400

These options include differing internet download speeds and amounts of data you can download, monthly.

A link to the KCM service with prices is attached here: KCOM Service

These options and prices are correct at the time of blog publication and therefore may alter in the future.

Posted on: 29, May, 2018 | Author: editor
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  1. My Hall is now lit up like Christmas… Lightstream has come to Walkington village! It took much badgering by myself (Tom Hodgson), George Southern, the local community and even our MP had to get involved, but fibreoptic broadband is now available here. Thanks to a system developed for the vast stretches of America between power stations, KCOM is deploying hybrid glass fibre and copper cables from telegraph poles in our village to bring us fibre to the house.

    My Lightstream was installed on Tuesday (the 29th of May) and apart from a few setting up hiccups (I recommend when you order that you tell KCOM where you want the cable to go on the outside of your house, the external person tends to turn up unannounced. Myself and another chap in the village have had to have an extra cable length put in to bring it back where we need it) it is now working at a speed of 390 megabits via my ethernet cables to my computers. You will find, unless you have the very latest wifi gadgets to capture that speed, or if you have thick walls that on wireless this can drop to about 65 megabits. Steam game downloading works a treat and Skype. The upload has clocked in at 33 megabits, which is not bad, as the top upload speed is 35.

    Netflix works really well, have had 2 HD programs running at once, alongside Flixster. However Amazon HD still acts up occasionally, but that’s down to Amazon’s poor server system and not KCOM.

    One thing you may want to watch if you have a few gamers in your house, is that download systems like Steam if set to max will take up your bandwidth, so check the throttle setting.

    It is more expensive sadly… but it does mean our village is now one of the fastest home internet places in the UK.

  2. Thanks Tom for the very informative comment and well done you all those who pressed KCOM into action.

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