I had been thinking about a post for New Year’s Eve when I came across this item from the Reverend Lesley Reynolds who was the Rector at All Hallows Church many years ago. I’ve borrowed his thoughts from New Year’s Eve in 1971. I was intrigued by his use of language and had to read the first sentence more than once to fully appreciate what he was saying. Many of his comments are still relevant today, apart from, our use now of decimal currency and the vast quantities of food and drink offered and accepted by the carol singers. I hope you enjoy this brief visit to Walkington, some 44 years ago, as much as I did.

Dear Friends

I write on New Year’s Eve when celebrations much older than Christianity and with less rational purpose will be taking place, as though the festivities of the Christmas season had not given us full release from our melancholic apprehensions.

Our carolling round the parish before Christmas was exhausting but financially rewarding. We collected just under £42 for the Church of England Children’s Society, 16 guineas in West End and £25 3.11d on East End. Our exhaustion was mitigated by the hospitality of several parishioners who in return for a carol or two regaled us with mince pies, sherry, punch, coffee, onion soup, biscuits, cake and tomato soup. All that too, we survived, happy to have done something practical to help children at Christmas time. We are immensely grateful to those who came and walked and sang.

The Service of the Lessons and Carols in Church was well attended, though one was surprised to find plenty of vacant seats. The standard of reading was excellent. The young people especially reached a very high standard. The congregational singing was hearty as usual and the floral decorations were beautiful. There is talk of doing the decorations on the day before Christmas Eve this year in the hope that more people may be able to take part.

I  wish you all a very happy New Year.

Yours sincerely,

Lesley Reynolds – Rector

Published in The Newsletter. January 1971.

Editor’s note:

Needless to say, I hope all your melancholic apprehensions have been swept away by a hugely enjoyable Christmas; that’s all from the village blog for this old year except to say, that walkington-life would like to wish you all a happy and peaceful New Year.

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