The village blog has been advised that work  will be starting to fell trees and clear undergrowth around the village pond on Wednesday 14th February. Consequently the footpath that goes around the pond and then up to Northgate will be temporarily closed for approximately 3 weeks. 

The plan is to fell most of the present trees which are mainly self seeded sycamores together with others that are diseased, damaged or suffering from die-back. There will be 62 removed. It is recognised that this will affect the backdrop of the pond significantly as the new planting develops. However with several mature trees remaining  together with those standing in the grounds of the neighbouring property the visual impact should be somewhat diminished. However it is recognised that it will take time for any new tree backdrop to become substantial.

For further information see the blog post from December here.

Posted on: 12, February, 2018 | Author: editor
Categories: Parish Council

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