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Please note that the guidelines for public participation at the monthly Parish Council meetings were revised in June 2018. The guidelines have also been updated on the ‘Parish Council’ blog page which you can access from the menu at the top of your screen.

Public Participation in Meetings 

  1. Any resident in the parish will be allowed to ask for an item to be included on the agenda for a forthcoming Parish Council meeting. That person will be allowed to attend the meeting and make a presentation.
  1. Any item for inclusion must be submitted to the Clerk to the Council at least ten days before the meeting. This will enable the item to be included on the formal agenda. Any items received after that time will be included on the agenda for the following meeting.
  1. Issues for discussion will be limited to those relating to parish council functions;
  1. The item will be placed at the beginning of the agenda (after Chairman’s Communications).
  1. There will be a time limit of five minutes per issue.
  1. Where more than one person wishes to raise the same issue, one of their number will act as spokesperson. No other persons will be allowed to speak.
  1. There will be no limit on the number of issues that an individual can raise at one meeting (this to be reviewed after six months).
  1. Only the Chairman (with assistance from the Clerk) will respond to the item. No other councillor or member of the public will be allowed to speak.
  1. These rules will be forwarded to any resident who asks for an item to be included on the agenda.

 (Revised June 2018)

Can I take this opportunity to remind blog readers that walkington-life is run independently of both the Parish Council and the Newsletter. If you have issues relating to the village, please contact a parish councillor; a complete list and contact details can be found on the Parish Council page.

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