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You don’t have to be a registered user to use the blog.

Registration is temporarily suspended. If you want to register send your username and email address via the contacts page.

Because the world is not always like we would like it to be, it’s necessary to ask users to become registered members before being allowed to add comments or replies, vote, or take part in the competitions. The blog will only accept one email address per user. If two or more members of a family want to register, they must have different email addresses.

  1. Click the link Please register
  2. Enter a username (this can be a nickname)  and email address and click the Register button. The username is the name you would like to be known as. A message appears to advise that “Registration Complete. Please check your email”
  3. Check your email. Look for an email confirming your username and your password. Copy (for copying and pasting) the password. Click the link to the site.
  4. Login with your username and paste in your password.
  5. This is your personal profile page, “Howdy username”  should be shown top right. Completion of this is optional. However, you should change your password by going to the bottom of the page and entering your new password, then repeat the password. Click the “update profile” button. ” Profile updated”  message appears towards the top left of the screen.
  6. Go to the top left of the screen and hover over the walkington-life logo. Click on Visit Site. The main page should appear and that’s it.

Well done! Thank you for registering.

The initial login page also provides help if you forget your password. The “Admin” button takes you the Profile page and the logout takes you out of the blog.