I bet many blog readers ¬†found the last teaser on British Sitcoms pretty easy. This brain teaser is called ‘Name The Biscuit’ and hopefully that is all the help you will need except to say that the numbering went haywire after question 5. The question numbers disappeared. ¬†Questions 6,7 and 8 are made up of two or three photos while photos 9 and 10 are both single photo questions. I apologise if that is not clear. Good Luck




Posted on: 2, May, 2020 | Author: editor
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One Response to Self Isolation Walkington Brain Teaser No 4
  1. I think most people got them all; possibly the only exception being No 5. A shrew and Mary Berry.

    1. Rich Tea 2. Shortbread 3. Pink Wafer 4. Hobnob 5. Shrewsbury 6. Garibaldi 7. Digestive 8. Malted Milk 9. Bourbon 10 Nice

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