The self isolation teaser No 4 was quite easy, if you happen to have a sweet tooth and like biscuits. If you did have any problems the answers have now been posted. Now then, this one is a bit different, but if you are a Top Gear fan you may be able to get them all. There are a lot, so have a go and see what you can come up with. The answers will be posted early next week.

Car Logos or Badges



Editor’s Note:  Answers will be published next week.



Posted on: 12, May, 2020 | Author: editor
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  1. The Answers
    1 Alfa Romeo. 2. Chevrolet. 3. Lada .4. Mazda. 5. Peugeot. 6. Rover 7. Subaru. 8. Citroen.

    9. Vauxhall. 10. Seat. 11. Porsche. 12. Lotus. 13. BMW. 14. Aston Martin. 15. Ferrari. 

    16. Lambourghi. 17. Audi. 18. Honda. 19. Morris. 20. Volvo. 21. Bentley. 22. Lexus. 23. Toyota.

    24. Renault. 25. Volkswagen. 26. Saab. 27. Mitsubishi. 28. Hyundai. 29. Datsun. 30. Lancia.

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