Here we are again with this week’s Brain Teaser. I think a lot of people struggled with the car logos, so back to basics this week with questions about sweets. However there are a few tricky questions, for example No 6 had me and my wife in difficulty; so see how you get on.

Josie and Chris both got 27 out of 30 for the logos. Well done ladies!

Editor’s Note: This quiz has been devised by my brother in law, Selby Richardson. Thanks Selb


Posted on: 21, May, 2020 | Author: editor
Categories: Humorous/Fun
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  1. Answers
    1. Aniseed Balls 2. Sherbet Dab 3. Pear Drops 4. Refreshers
    5. Black Jacks 6. Gob Stopper 7. Palma Violets 8. Dolly Mixtures

    The next quiz is called Favourite Lollies and will be available soon.

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