So your thinking of becoming a contributor and writing a blog post.  Wonderful! Please read the following style guidelines:

  • keep the post under  800 words. If you want to write more, it may be better to split into parts.
  • include any digital photos (not compulsory). It just makes it easier on the eye, and don’t forget, a picture is worth a thousand words.
  • try not to be too formal; remember your writing for your friends, as well as a wider audience.
  • keep it simple, the style should be conversational, not a lecture.
  • posts don’t have to long, or clever, or even funny. They can be small and personal, as long as they’re real.
  • the use of a spell checker would be good… but not compulsory.
  • be aware of the legal issues of libel and copyright as below:  
  • the law of libel says that you cannot publish false information about anyone, or anything, that could have a negative affect on the person or their reputation.
  • the copyright laws protect the original creator of a work, such as written text, an image, a video or an audio clip, from having their work stolen.
  • respect other contributors and readers at all times and be polite.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy the experience;  simply write your post, in your own words, and send your original digital photos if you have any available. If not, don’t worry.

On completion… send your post, as an email, with any relevant photos to: If your post does not include photos, you could  use the Contacts page to copy and paste your post.

And finally, a quote from William Wordsworth: ” Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart”

Say no more!