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NOTICE OF ANNUAL PARISH MEETING (This will be followed by The Parish Council’s Annual Meeting)

The Annual Parish Meeting for Walkington will be held at:
7:00pm on Tuesday 4th May 2021

The meeting will be held using Zoom Video Conferencing, if you would like to attend please email at least 2 days before the event.


1 Minutes of the last Annual Parish Meeting.

2 Report of the Chairman covering the activities of the Parish Council since the last Annual Parish Meeting.

3 Comments and questions raised.

Everyone welcome.

Walkington Parish Council Annual Meeting
4 May 2021 at 7:00pm, using Zoom video conferencing.

For further details on how to attend the meeting please contact the Clerk


20.05.01 Elections

  1. Election of Chairman
  2. Appointment of Vice-chair
  3. Receipt of Acceptance of Office

21.05.02 Apologies for Absence

21.05.03 Declarations of Interest

21.05.04 Parish Council Meeting Minutes

  1. Approval of meeting minutes 6 April 2021
  2. Matters arising from the minutes

21.05.05 Chairman’s Communications

21.05.06 Matters for Ward Councillors

  1. Beechborough Development
  2. 63 Beech View

21.05.07 Public Participation

20.05.08 Review of Delegations

20.05.09 Dates of Future Meetings

21.05.10 Community Safety Matters

21.05.11 Planning Matters

  1. Applications
    There are no new planning applications
  2. Decisions
    Permission granted – 20/03500/PLF Parking spaces to 17 and 19 West End
    Permission granted – 21/00344/PLF 27 George Lane
    Permission granted – 21/04291/PLF 21 All Hallow Road
    Permission granted – 21/00176/PLF 33 West End
    Permission granted – 21/00500/PLF Site of Walkington House, Townend Road

21.05.12 Tree Matters

  1. Applications

21/01479/TCA 2 Taylors Rise
Walkington conservation area – Remove a sycamore tree due to the tree being too big for its location and is on a steep sloping bank.

  1. Decisions
    No objections raised – 21/00882/TCA Feoffee Cottage, 25 West End
    No objections raised – 21/00964/TCA 19 West End
    No objections raised – 21/00949/TCA 19 West End
  2. Other Tree Matters:  Trees on Middlehowe Road

21.05.13 East Riding of Yorkshire Council Matters

Speeding Traffic on Broadgate

21.05.14 Delegations

Playing Field Association

21.05.15 Village Improvements and Maintenance

  1. Pond Maintenance
  2. Sign at Pond
  3. Tree Maintenance
  4. Townend Park.
  5. Public Rights of Way
  6. Christmas Lights.
  7. West Mill Rise, Grass Verge.
  8. Ferguson and Fawsitt Arms

21.05.16 Finance

  1. Monthly Finance Report
  2. Payments

Ken Hearne, spray paint £13.89

Zoom subscription, ink, paper and stamps £82.63

East Riding Group, pest control £60.07

Defibrillator pads 48.02

Staff costs (inc. employer contributions) £1236.88

  1. Insurance Renewal
  2. Banking Mandate
  3. Annual Governance and Accountability Returns (AGAR)

21.05.17 Virtual Meetings

21.05.18 Next Meeting

The date of the next Parish Council meeting is to be arranged.

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