The December round of the Village Quiz took place last Friday (14th) evening and included teams representing the Pantomime Players, the Methodists and the Newsletter. It was good to see the Village Hall so full, with a large and appreciative audience keen to support their team.

In Dennis Johnson’s absence the quizmaster’s role was performed by Mike Brookes who did a very good job in keeping everything running smoothly, as well as providing, with a few Dennis type jokes.. The scores were kept by Anne Brookes. The question setter was Marguerite Robinson who provided a wide range of interesting questions with something for everyone. So we had rounds on Pot Luck, Food and Drink, Literature and words starting with c-o-n. See if you can guess how many bottles of champagne there are in a Salmanazar. Or, what is the English translation of the Italian dish, tiramisu?

The Newsletter Team

The Newsletter Team

After the first round the Newsletter took an early lead, although it got close towards the final round, they managed to hang on to win with a score of 50 points. The Methodists were runners up with 47 and the Panto Players third, with 43 points.

Answers : 12 bottles and ‘Lift Me Up.’

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  1. The All Hallows Church Christmas draw results were announced at the quiz. The raffle raised approximately £670 for the church funds. Thanks to all who bought a ticket.

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