As reported in the last post (21st July) the Fergie has been sold to an Investment Company and now they are advertising, via Barry Crux Ltd, for a tenant. I am told that there has already been interest from several parties. The advert below on the Barry Crux website describes the Fergie as follows:

*         Popular and prosperous village

*         2.5 miles west of Beverley and 11 miles north of Hull

*         Large site with spacious car park

*         Large Lounge Bar; Locals Bar; 2 further Lounge Areas; Dining Area;  Coffee;

*         Lounge; Function Room;

*         Extensive Catering and Preparation Areas; Beer Store, etc.

*         Spacious First Floor Living Accommodation and Office

*         Past trading performance in excess of £800,000 gross per annum  


Whilst this is very good news it is disappointing to note that the description makes no mention of the Lodges which I know were extremely popular and a welcome addition to the short stay accommodation in the Village. This might be an oversight, on the other hand, it may infer that the new owner has other plans in mind.

If you are interested in the tenancy and would like to considered, or make further enquiries, then contact:  Barry Crux & Company, T: 01904 659 990 | M: 07860 583438 | W: WWW.BARRYCRUX.CO.UK 


Watch this blog space.

Posted on: 3, September, 2021 | Author: editor
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