The End of an Era!

Last week the Fergie announced it would close its doors on 4th October. This iconic pub has been in the village for as long as I can remember (first licence 1866). Like lots of people who live in the village and lots of visitors who come to the pub, we have all enjoyed the Fergie Food, Drink and excellent service from the great staff. We have enjoyed the Dinner Dances, Christmas Parties and New Years Eve Celebrations as well as Weddings, Christenings and Funerals all dealt with in the manner appropriate for the occasion.

The Fergie has been a training ground for many youngsters in the village who wait on, wash pots and serve behind the bar. The Youth Club Fund Raisers held many dinner dances and the youngsters were a part of them.

During lockdown the Fergie provided a take away food and delivery service which was much appreciated and well received by the locals. It has been a central part of our village life and it is indeed a sad day to see the end of such a great pub. We wish all the staff Good Luck in finding new jobs and we thank them for their continued warm and friendly service.

Best wishes from the Friday Drinkers!

Posted on: 7, September, 2020 | Author: editor
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