Here we are with the last of our Lockdown Quizzes and what a corker it is. Your editor is not really a man for cocktails; ¬†personally I’d go for a pint of Black Sheep. So, I found this particular quiz difficult. However, I’m sure there are those among us who with a bucket of ice, a squeeze of lime, a twizzle stick and a small umbrella, will soon work through it.

Thanks again to my brother in law, Selby, for devising the quizzes over the past weeks. I have been asked who the perplexed young woman is in the ¬†header photo… unfortunately I have no idea; but if I see her in the Shop, I’ll say ‘Hello’.

The answers will be posted next week. Good luck.

Posted on: 18, July, 2020 | Author: editor
Categories: Humorous/Fun
One Response to The Final Self Isolation Walkington Brain Teaser.
  1. This quiz has proved quite hard but I know a few stalwart blog readers stuck with it and were successful. For the rest of us here are the answers.

    1. Negroni 2. Mojito 3. Mint Julip 4. Moscow Mule 5. Cuba Libre 6. Tom Collins 7. Singapore Sling 8. Mai Tai 9. Aperol Spritz

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