The following poem was written by Arita Price who lived in the village with her husband Peter in the 1970’s and 1980’s. This is the second poem the blog has posted; the first poem can be read by following the link –  Within View  of Our Church

The Gap by Arita Price – Jan 1980

What is time, to those who marvel at every shade of grey.
And know the vast difference between what people ‘do’ or just say?
Who, given time shall decry what filling a gap can do.
With visions of peoples finding Hull for a bridge to view!
Is time, unromantic for all it being quite quite true?
LIke the words ‘Where is Hull? You can’t go there!’
Although that was nigh on forty years ago
Sacred, sublime are memories of enterprise in the Hull I came to know and
Pendulous – all aglow, a living monument of steel,
And as real as the men of so long ago.
May it be, as God wills and gloried…
For, the world to know.


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